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The Abstract

Research papers start with an abstract that summarizes the contents of the entire paper. It is not the same as an introduction. The paper has an abstract directly below the author’s name.

The first two sentences of this describe the issue being tested i.e. the hypothesis , though the summary does not make a particular statement whether the hypothesis is that functional performance does depend on the elements involved or does not rely on the elements involved.

It is, of course, necessary for an abstract to drastically summaries and ignores detail but even in the body of the paper researchers often don’t make accurate statements using the words

‘The hypothesis is. No matter how this is worded it should be clear what is being tested.

The abstract goes on to summarize, using just a few words: – the experimental work conducted, the effort to reduce bias, what the data/results show and in the final sentence one of the conclusions reached from this work.

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The problem and the claims made by other researchers?

The introduction to the paper starts by very briefly explaining two ‘severe and most often discussed’ limitations in our knowledge and the importance of overcoming these limitations.

It goes on to mention the work of other researchers who have evaluated performance issues and developed benchmarks.

This section cites numerous sources of information. -some books that describe the theories and research papers describing the work undertaken by other researchers in the field.

The hypothesis or the theory being tested?

The introduction ends with a description of the present study ‘which explains what is being tested, an explanation of how this study was conducted and a description of the limitations of the study.

This section ends with a couple of sentences describing the structure of this paper. Details of the practical work done i.e. what tests were conducted and how they were conducted?

Section 2 and Section 3 describe the experimental work conducted and the test data used.

The results and any analysis of these that was done?

Section 4 describes in detail the test results, the statistical analysis of these and explains what the results show.

One important part of this discussion is the explanation of the use of SCS-MP2 as a ‘reliable theoretical reference dataset’ for comparison purposes.

It is not quite the same as undertaking fully controlled experiment but may be a suitable alternative is given constraint of the subject being studied.

The claims regarding the validity of the hypothesis?

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