MSCJ degrees enhances once understanding of the systemic, ethical and reintegration perspectives of the criminal justice system. People who have graduated with these degree would best be placed to work at a management level in several career areas, ranging from parole or probation to criminal investigation. Departments which require such kind of expertise ranges from police departments and federal agencies to social service institutions. This extensive program concentrates on the two essential dimensions within the criminal justice system — understanding and responding to crime and public policy issues, both from theoretical and operational dimension.

Overview of MSCJ

The programme also focuses on assessing the causes and wide spread of crime, together with analyzing evidence-based mechanisms and techniques for preventing and responding to criminal behaviors. Generally, the objective of the program is to prepare a well-rounded, analytical graduates who shall be able to advance the criminal justice system as a visionary leader, policy maker, program assessor, and research analysts.

Why I am interested in pursuing MSCJ

Ever since I was a young child, I have always been interested of being part/working with the law enforcers. The events of 9/11 and the continued threats posed by the terrorist groups and other criminal gangs both locally and globally cemented and confirmed my deep desire to join the criminal justice system with the sole intention of protecting and serving my beloved nation. As a citizen of this wonderful nation, it would be a great honor and pride for me to be among the people who are in the front line to guard and protect my nation from those wishing to destroy it. Besides from protecting it, I would also like to be included in matters relating to policy formulation and implementation with regards to how best to make may Country more secure.

By studying and graduating with qualifications in MSCJ, I would be on the path of realizing my dreams of serving and protecting my nation. By studying and graduating with a degree in MSCJ, my skills would be well honed hence going a long way in aiding me to protect and serve my nation to best of my knowledge. Besides this, it would enable me to be able to take part in policy formulation which would be centered on promptly responding to security threat posed to my beloved nation.

In summary, my main interest in pursuing MSCJ

  • Use knowledge of theory, analyze research, evidence-based practice, and execution mechanisms to advance my individual ambition and the progressive improvement of the criminal justice system.
  • Serve as a practitioner, future leader, administrator, manager, policy–maker, evaluator, and research analysts within the field of criminal justice.
  • Make my contribution to the development of research, execution of policies, and the assessment of programs tailored to enhance knowledge and practice within the criminal justice system;
  • Become academically equipped for advanced studies within the field of criminology and criminal justice.

Academic preparedness

To set the ball rolling with regards to my desire of serving and protecting my country, I went to university and studied criminal Justice and which resulted to me to graduating with a bachelor’s degree in criminal Justice. The degree served as an interdisciplinary program which introduces students to the varying dimensions of the country’s complex criminal justice system. This Coursework broadly entailed investigating the causes and prevention of criminal behavior, plus the meaning and application of the legal process, law enforcement, court management process and correctional treatment. Moreover, the program structure also concentrated on fostering a humanistic understanding of the study of crime plus the systematic examination of the issues of diversity in criminal justice. The specific Skills that I gained from the bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice is that it enable me to be able to specialize and concentrate on several criminal justice fields like security, cybercrime, forensic and crime scene investigation. Besides this, it enabled me to be well placed to use primary technical law enforcement concepts to criminal investigation.

Professional experience

With regards to my professional experience when it comes to criminal justice, I been serving in the military over 16 years. The existence of the Army is meant to serve its citizens, to defend the country, to protect vital national interests, and to fulfill national military duties and of which I took part in. In my expansive 16 years, I have been able to serve in military in different areas like offering logistical support for service forces, such as procurement, distribution, supply, equipment, and maintenance. I also took part in offering logistical and support to enable the other Services to fulfill their missions, and supporting civil authorities during emergencies. Moreover I took part in joint operation and joint exercises in support of unified and specified combatant command operational requirements, Operating organic land vehicles, aircrafts, and ships or craft and peace keeping mission plus ensuring that the borders of my nation are secure from external attacks. My 16 years professional experience within the military has enabled me to get an overview of the workings within the criminal justice system but by undertaking a course in MSCJ would enable me to climb up the ladder/ranks so that I may well be able to serve and secure my nation. In addition to these, I believe that I have more to offer to my nation to ensure that my country is more secure.

Community activities

Just like all other nations, my nation is exposed to natural or manmade disasters. As a result, the role of the various professionals differ significantly. In my duties as a military officer, there have been times/occasions whereby I was deployed to help first responders to an emergency situation (law enforcement, paramedics,) like, forest fires and floods among other humanitarian crisis situation. During this emergency situation, I took part in the evacuation of people to safer grounds using helicopters, providing food, and other supplies to the affected people and working hand in hand with the first responders to an emergency situation (law enforcement, paramedics) to ensure people get help and that the disaster like forest fires do not spread to the nearby regions.

In all these situation, I was privileged and honored to be part of the people who served in supporting humanitarian relief efforts. Taking part in supporting humanitarian relief efforts are aligned in my belief and desire to be of service to my nation. In summary, my community service activities entailed me assisting in establishing a communications center, offering hands-on assistance with regards to search and recovery, rebuilding or containing the situation. In all these situation (community activities), I assisted in quick recovery, lower the loss of life and property, and return to normalcy of the community in shortest time possible.

My experience with online education

In the current 21st century society, online courses are significantly used in colleges and universities to offer easier access to course materials, classroom discussion, and feedbacks to instructors. My bachelor degree in criminal Justice was done through the online platform. There exist wider reasons with regards to why prefer online education course when compared to taking courses in a traditional classroom set up. First, I have a full-time job which is very demanding hence it lowers my chances to attend classes scheduled during normal school hours. Besides this, online classes makes it possible for me to work on my own and make progress at my own pace. Lastly, online education course offered me one-on-one teacher-student relationship instead of the instructor having to spread their concentration among many students.

I came to learn that for one to succeed in distance learning, one needs to be self-disciplined and have the capacity to work well on their own. The fact that one will not be physically attending to classes weekly, one needs to be self-disciplined since the tutors will not be around to remind one of his/her assignments or deadlines of projects. Online education course has made it possible for me to be able to communicate with my tutors and other students who are taking similar courses, and as a result, it enabled me to be an active participant during the courses. While undertaking my online course, I have never felt it challenging to communicate with my tutor to ask for assistance or clarification of the assignment. My instructors and fellow students have been very helpful to me. The online courses offers a discussion board to share posts to fellow students. It offered the opportunity to read and critique each other’s work and respond to the comments of fellow classmates.

Other accomplishments

One of my greatest accomplishment relates to the fact that I was chosen to be among the people to train the new recruits who were to join the Military. This served as a stamp of approval from my superiors of my capability and capacity to pass on military know how to the new recruits. My last accomplishment relates to been awarded with Army Achievement Medal for my skillful administration of supply and logistics that led to the Battalion’s successful completion of its Army Training and Evaluation Programs.

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