This assignment provided a detailed analysis soft the overall global problem of shortage of register nurses. It entails an analysis of different sources on the different perceptions of the shortage of global nursing workforce. In addiiotn to providing highlights on the key trends, the main challenges and other frameworks that may adopted for policy interventions to address the global nursing workforce challenges.


The major aim of the assignment is to provide an overview of the different issues associated with the issue and actions of the global nursing shortages.

Review of literature

Like the many other aspects and spheres of life, globalization has emerged as one of the most important aspects that shape the practice of nursing and hence the overall global health provision in the new millennium. For example (Busse, 2011) Says, together with urbanization and digitization, globalization has overly shaped in the inherent patterns of both human existence and experience of the human societies on the global scale. In this great scheme of things, nursing as a profession has not been spared, instead, these eminent forces of globalization have combined to propel nursing profession as an integral part of the global phenomena. As a result (Adams, 2002) says, many sources have come to the agreement that, nursing as profession has evolved in to a global profession. For example the unlimited expansion of global awareness has clearly developed the different patterns within the nursing knowledge. None the less, such source also acknowledge that, there has been few attempts to grasp as wells develop a critical over view of the consequences of globalization in nursing as profession as it is addressed by the scholarly knowledge. For example in the words of (Karmel, 2002), different scholarly sources have cited globalization as a major force that has occasioned nursing shortages in many and different parts of the world. In addition in the context of nursing professional globalization has also been attributed to corresponding challenges over human vulnerability and other forms of equality. In addition, (ICN, 2003), Holds to the opinion that, according to many sources, globalization has been cited for creation of genral nursing shortages through the failure to duly strengthen the nursing discipline uniformly over the entire local and the global nursing scene.

Moreover, other literature sources have stressed the prevalence of the global trends towards a nursing justice and fairness as a deeper human right issue that needs to entail each person’s responsibility. For example some sources point out that in order to address the greater problem of global l nursing challenges, the entire world need to embrace the global shortage of nursing as a global agenda that must entail greater attention to duties, social justice and other health practice interdependence. In this regard, (Fitzpatrick, 2008) Says, such sources posit that, globalization will then perceive the global shortage in nursing professionals as or through the social and political collaboration of international organizations and people and thereby help to improve the health quality of different civil societies across the world. According to such sources, globalization can henceforth address the global nursing shortages through high mobility, economic interdependence as well as through other electronic and other interconnectedness that can be positively addressed through globalization. According to these sources, reeling under the increasing poverty the rapidly expanding global economy has failed to improve the prevailing nursing challenges all over the world.

On the other hand, according to many sources the increasing global shortage challenges has been highly impacted by the changing as well as other modifications during the last decades. As a result, nursing profession has the power to create a social consciousness over influencing basic social series and other health care aspects. As a result global nursing challenges can be conceived through a broader global picture. This way, the global competencies must be mastered through deconstruction of long held values, nursing polices, faculty knowledge, nursing education in addition to other research aspects that are highlighted as critical as important factors in addressing the global challenges of nursing shortages. For example (Fox, 2009) Says, different sources make the assertion that, the prevailing global challenges can be addressed through a reconstruction of nursing education, a critical reflection over the global nursing practice. These are important as a means of informing the enhanced the relevant political awareness. For instance, these sources hold the opinion that; fewer attempts have to conceptualize different global nursing in order to address the conclusive parts through the generated knowledge. Due to this, it is important for more sources to focus on global nursing in order to involve other critical paradigms such the perception of the entire issues from the perspective of cultural, social as well as ethnic differences or cultural diversity. Such an approach according to many sources can positively impact on the global nursing shortage through understanding how more students can be won in to the nurses course in clinical practice and well as be drawn in to the higher education whoich are already challenged to adopt a critical stance to such globalization and conceptualization in global nursing (CAN, 2002).

According to other sources, overcoming the global nursing challenges is one of the United Nations millennium goals. However according to the international council of nurse, the increasing high death of many nursing professionals is a great and stumbling block. This has led to a massive shortage of nursing professionals thereby highly occasioning achievement of universal health reduction of child mortality rates, improvement of the genral maternal health as well as the combatant of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. On the other hand, according to the high-level forum on health millennium development goal, the higher shortage of nursing professionals has led to the human resources crisis in the health sector that must be addressed urgently. For instance, in the words of (Stewart, 2004), under the high level forum over millennium development goals, health, the global health care and health provision is suffering a severe nursing challenges and shortage. This according to many literature reviews has been defined as the measure nursing staffing in each country in the perspective of the country’s health level needs, resources as well as estimated demand for health care services. However, the majority of the sources also acknowledge that, a nursing shortage is not easily quantifiable and can be defined different in different perspective such as professional capacity standards. For example, (Dovlo, 2004) Says, the level of the number of or the shortage of the nursing professionals that are needed to provide quality services; However, it can also be measured of defined from the economical perspective such as the required number of nurse or the available number of nurses for filling open positions. In the regard, the global nursing shortage becomes a complex issue in that within the context of each country there is a difference in the definition of nursing shortage as well as the role of the professions in the production of health care workers. Based on these sources, (NLN, 2004), Says, the meaning of nursing shortage in the global scene can be defined in the context of each country. However, in in such a situation, in order to understand the meaning of nursing shortages in each county will begin their understanding of nursing shortage through understanding how the shortage came about.


Today, the issue of nursing shortages has evolved in to global phenomena that is taking a deep tool as well as exerting an adverse impact over the global health systems around the world. This is despite the many and major initiatives by the international council of nurses (ICN) provision of critical information over the whole issue of nursing professional shortages in the world as well as different solutions ot the problem. Moreover, the issus continued to ravage the global health systems despite the combined efforts of the ICN together with other organizations that continue to provide relevant information over hos the nursing professional can be organized in to the five major priority areas such as policy intervention, macroeconomics and the health sector funding, nursing leadership, nursing workforce planning ad policy such as regulations, positive proactive nursing environment,  as well as the importance of both retention and recruitment together with migration.

However, at the international level, the momentum is building and this may have a great potential in addressing or at least bringing the pertinent issues in regard ot the matter to the attention of the relevant authorities for the right action to be taken. In this regard, this assignment has provided the relevant outline of the general overview of the whole phenomenon of global nursing shortage that has been recognized as a global crisis within the health sector since the year 2002. Moreover, the assignment has outlined and provided the different perspectives as outlined by the ICN in addition to discussing the different ICN’s intitives over the crisis. The ICN has been given prominence in this assignment in that having been founded in 1899; the ICN has since then evolved and emerged as the world’s leading, first and the largest organization for the nursing cadre of the health sector or for nurse as health professionals. For example it has emerged as federation of nurses association in over 129 countries world over. As a result the ICN represents over 17 million nurses to date working in different parts of the world. Moreover, the council works together with other health industry stakeholders in ensuring that, quality nursing care is provided for all through formulation and implantation of sound nursing policies globally, the advancement of nursing knowledge as well as through the presence of globally recognized and respected and competent nursing professional workforce.

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