The first reason why I would regard nursing as a profession is the fact that universally, the term indicates and connotes an area of study, research as well as practice in health care industry that places priority over the improvement of both health as well as the achievement of equity in the health and physical health for all the people.

On the other hand, in practice, this area of study entails the interplay of different global systems that combine to impact as well as well as drive the entire health care at different levels such as at the local, national as well as at the international levels. As a result of this, the term nursing stands out as profession through its character of a long term relationship in the process of health care provision which is mutually beneficial in addressing the different issues that spans borders.

Nursing Care

For example the practice of nursing incorporates in to the practice of medicine a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach that health in solving different health issues in different parts of the world. Moreover, continues to say that, the practice of nursing can be seen as a professional because it is not limited to one filed of practice in the medical profession. Instead, it applies across all the fields of medical expertise either directly or indirectly in way that impact on health care provision as well as impacts on the overall health well-being for all the people.

Additionally, in the words of, nursing practice can be described as a profession because by its nature, nursing practice forms an integral definition and provision of the global health care. Due to this, as a profession nursing practice has the potential; to help in shaping the relevant health care polices over how both general and specific health care should be provided. Moreover, it holds a critical role in the improvement of health care as well as health capacity of any society.

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