Management Project

PART A: Management Project. The completed management project report must include ALL the chapters. Prior of submitting make sure that the document includes the following:

1) Cover Page and List of Contents.

2) Chapter 1: Introduction – Background and Objectives.

3) Chapter 2: Supportive Evidence.

4) Chapter 3: Study of Gantt chart.

5) Chapter 4: Contribution.

6) Chapter 5: Concluding Remarks.

7) References.

8) Appendices (if there are any)

Please acknowledge and cite all the relevant sources. The formatting of your citation and references must align with the Harvard referencing system. Part A Word limit is 8,400 (+/- 10%)


PART B: Reflective Portfolio. The completed Reflective Portfolio must include ALL the sections. Prior of submitting make sure that the document includes the following:

1) Cover Page and List of Contents.

2) Assumptions.

3) Ethics and Values.

4) Time Management.

5) Learning from Experience and Moving Forward

6) References (if you are using text-citations and theoretical viewpoints)

Part B Word limit is 3,600 (+/- 10%)


Dissertation Project/ Final Report. The module explores the concept, theories and practice of project management and consultancy skills. This module builds on the research methodology skills and requirements of critical debate established throughout the program and shows how these key skills are vital within a business context to ensure rigorous decision making. It examines combining the traditional research skills with project management and consultancy skills to enable an evidenced based approach to problem solving within an organisation. This module will improve student employability, enhance students’ ability to manage complex projects across a range of dynamic business environments in the contexts of entrepreneurship and leadership and management of change.


It is important in your submissions to use high quality sources of information.   

To identify high quality sources of information you can check the impact factor score of the journals that you use in your submissions. For instance, Harvard business review, journal of management, journal of management studies, British journal of management, academy of management journal, are some interesting and high quality sources that can help in developing the submissions.


Students are required to submit:


1) A typed 8.400 words (+/-10%) Management project report.

2) A typed 3.600 words (+/-10%) Reflective Portfolio


Remember, you need to have 2 separate submissions (1. the Management Project report, 2 the Reflective Portfolio)

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