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Nursing theory entails both creative and rigorous structuring of ideas that help nurses to develop information relevant to helping to improve the care of patients. Nursing theories were developed by various theorists (McEwen & Willis, 2014). There was increased need to develop the nursing theory in order to help the nurses to solve increasing complex patient situations. Nursing theorist greatly contributed to the development of knowledge on nursing education.

Dorothea Orem is an important scholar within the nursing fraternity through her self-care deficit nursing theory.  This theory in based on the nature of human beings as being able to adapt to their environment.  The nursing theory focuses on the ability of one to take care of themselves in order to recover. The self-care deficit nursing theory is grouped into various self-care requisites. These requisites are health deviation, universal self-care and developmental self-care.

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Health deviation requisites focus on those needs that arise due to patient’s conditions. Developmental self-care are either situational or maturational (Shah, Abdullah, & Khan, 2015).Situations focuses on effects connected to development whereas maturational deals with progress leading to increased maturation levels. Lastly universal self-care requisites focuses on needs that all people have.

The self-care deficit nursing theory focuses mainly on primary health care and rehabilitation. It encourages patients to strive to be independent regardless of the length of the illness (Taylor, 2006). Patients should always seek and secure appropriate medical help. The theory has been adopted widely.


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