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Here is a sample assignment on tips for gathering stakeholder feedback and reaction. The paper was written by on our writers. If you would like to order a similar paper. Then go ahead and use our essay writing service Gathering feedback from stakeholder and establishing a structure of shared governance with stakeholders serves as a valid way of gathering stakeholder feedback since maintaining change with regard to behaviors and habits of experienced practicing nurses may be frustrating and challenging, more so when changes are based on evidence (O'Grady, T.2009, p, 45).

Reliance and utilization of active shared governance structure to communicate change and elicit feedback serves as an established technique which fosters partnership, equity, accountability & ownership among the stakeholders.

The inclusion of patients on committees and boards of health care organizations goes a long way in collecting feedback since it would enable the health care organizations to be able to understand the needs and preference of the patients. Besides this, most of the healthcare policies developed are aimed at enhancing the overall outcome of the patient and this would only be possible and effective if the views and opinions of the patients are heard and included in the final decisions that are made in these health committees.
Within the health-care setup, there exist various stakeholders and all of whom have varying needs, expectations, priorities and ‘stakes’ within the healthcare organization. As a result of having these varying needs and expectations from different stakeholders, there inclusion in the committees and boards would go a long way in enabling the healthcare organization to meet the needs of each stakeholder hence leading to their satisfaction (O’Grady, T.2009, p, 54).
Health care organizations should continue with these trend of creating a shared governance with stakeholders since the healthcare organization would gain a different perspective of the issues affecting their stakeholders hence they would be best placed to develop a more comprehensive mechanism of meeting their needs (Off man, Montgomery, Aubry & Tunis 2010, p, 1835).

Healthcare organizations do not have the monopoly of information with regards to the needs of their stakeholders and if so, they would be operating in an oblivious set up and which would significantly affect the operations of the organization (Off man, Montgomery, Aubry & Tunis 2010, p, 1839). The real essence of having a shared governance with stakeholders entails partnering and seeking information from the stakeholders with regards to the decision making process of the organization and anything less than this would be going against the values, principles and the real meaning of shared governance with stakeholders.


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