According to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP), nursing practitioners (NPs) are "quickly becoming the health partner of choice for millions of Americans." Their role is essential and critical because they blend "clinical expertise in diagnosing and treating health conditions with an added emphasis on disease prevention and health management," and that explains why Americans make "870 million visits to NPs every year". Within the NPS, I am interested in Family Nurse Practitioner program. The focus of this program is the care of children and adult in the context of a family unit, and that is where my passion lies.

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My relationship with nursing has grown personally and professionally over the years a student and later as a practicing nurse. In my view, unlike other careers, the growth in nursing career happens in the two levels viz. personal and professional levels. The job gives the practitioner the freedom to try new things and in doing, so boundaries expand. Consequently, the opportunities for doing rewarding things are endless in the profession. Achieving a master of science as Family Nurse Practitioner will give me a personal feeling of satisfaction in addition to arming me with other skills of serving my patients as a nurse practitioner.

My attraction to nursing started long ago when I was thinking of the right career to pursue just after high school. I had considered alternatives, but I am glad for the decision I try nursing. My education journey was not easy, as I had to provide part of the funding for tuition. However, despite the financial challenges I underwent through, I completed the course, graduating with a respectable GPA. Always the family and community person, I have volunteered to help communities as a nurse. I consider my work as a nurse primarily as a commitment to helping individuals and communities solve their health challenges.

During my time at the University of [insert name of the university], I was exposed to many clinical experiences including family medicine. The exposure gave me the foundation I used to expand my skills via practice. I often recall with joy those early experiences of meeting with patients and serving them professionally as a trainee nurse. It is during that time I discovered my passion for family medicine especially when volunteering and working with communities. Giving communities, especially the underserved, the joy of good health through my professional skills gives me a feeling of satisfaction. As AANP notes, nurse practitioners not only focuses on therapeutic interventions but also in disease prevention and health management. In communities without resources, prevention and management of a condition are more effective than curative medicine. I, therefore, feel that Family Practitioner Medicine will arm me with the skills I need to serve children and adult within a community setting.

My professional goal is to expand access to care to all who need it. Therefore, I am willing to work in any environment, whether rural or urban, as long as my services are required. I am, however, partial to working with underserved communities who are in much need of the services of nurse practitioners. As the healthcare system continually evolves with the goal of increasing access to care and insurance to those currently not adequately covered, I would like to play a role in offering my services to communities in need of healthcare.
I conclude my restating that I am passionate about family medicine. The passion itself is a product of a deep conviction in my heart that more family nurse practitioners are needed. I am now hoping that you will give me the chance to make my dream a reality.

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