Policy analysis has been an advancing field in the social circle in the past years. It has been fast advancing to be aware of the policy making method and to offer backing in decision making process with dependable policy viable in pushing for economic and social issues.

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Research Designs for Policy Analysis Paper

According to Dunn he describes policy analysis as an applied science that makes use of several modes of inquiry and arguments to talk about and change vital data that may be of use in political issues and solving policy issues. To a great extent, public policy has been used all over the world, like in Canada there are several European nations more so for young scholars it has been noted as useful. This paper shall focus on the descriptive research design in the field of policy analysis.

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Descriptive research is one that is able to make to use of elements more so in the same study. This form of design means the form of research design and information that will be used in a certain area. In this regard it is policy analysis. This research design will tell us about the statistics that aim to tell us the cause and impact. This form of research design will allow us to know the method that is vital in the completion of accurate analysis of the area in focus. This research area entails knowing what has to be applied to assess varied issues. The descriptive research can be quantitative or qualitative. It can entail acquiring quantitative details that can be calculated along with numerical data or it can help in the description of groups like gender or trends of connection with the help of technology. This research design helps in the acquisition of information that talk about events, and policies as well as describe data. Taking into consideration that people acquire a large size of information, descriptive research design are necessary as they help to limit and manage information for the case of policy makers. When there arises a case of narrative explanation of certain cases, the study makes use of a tool that helps in the management of trends that arise in analysis. These trends help the mind in understanding a qualitative study and the impact that arises.

Most of the research are found in the events and studies that are focused on getting to know the meaning and links that arise. This form of research are keen on getting to know the reason behind certain policies. This entails the use of survey methods that help in the collection of descriptive data. Studies of this form help in the prevailing state of the multimedia applied in government offices and those that arise due to collective work.

Policy analysis has been there for long and it has led to notable complexity in the modern society making the process for decision making tough in their need for information. Policy decisions integrate technical knowledge with complicated knowledge in social and political awareness. Policy analysis as we know it today has acquired an empirical alignment revolving around managerial aspects compared to the facilitation of democratic bodies. On the other hand, there are several methodological points of view. This has acquired a focus on intensive quantitative analysis, the role of separation of facts and values whose validity are autonomous. Hence, the limited model gets to be a policy science that is advanced and used in several issues. This arises due to issues related to economics and scientific processes.

Forms of Policy Analysis

There are a number of forms of policy analysis that are used. These include, the verification, description and detail of the issue. This is the most viable and significant issue of all taking into consideration the roles that in most times that are not clear or go against each other. An effective policy analysis will be issued and noted in the most effective way possible. The person has to assess the issue of the parties and their roles. Focusing on the issues in a manner that raises no ambiguity.

There is also the setting up of an evaluation method for one to compared and assess the specific options, viable analysis methods that have to be made. In this form of policy analysis it has to be considered that the price, benefit and efficiency are all component to this form among others. Economic benefits has to be taken into consideration in analysis of the policy. The impact of the policy will be useful or in reliance to the number the choices that are available. Political and other aspects are linked to each other when assessing the model to be used. A good size of the time the end user is focused on the policy analysis and will focus on the path that will be used.

Noting the other options available is the other form of policy analysis. For one to assess this, there is need to be effective. As noted, the policy analysis entails getting to one step in an effort to move to the next stage. It is necessary to have a clear awareness of the issue and how to handle it. Notable choice can be getting better outcome. The reliance on experiences from other people allows one to come up with a more extensive assessment. It is necessary to do away with the options that arise prior to limiting the number of choices available. Assessing other policies is another option which allows for packaging of methods into ways that meet the policy analysis. This is necessary as it allows for analysis of every option. More information is acquired in assessing the varied levels of impact. Political issues in meeting these goals are assessed to see if they meet the parties involved. This allows for assessment of the issue hence allowing for assessing the choices in depth. It allows also for reuse of data.


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