Research on an Existing or Emerging Technology and Its Related Ethical Issues

Digital information technology is important in our day-to-day life. Though it has some ethical issues it has helped the world to developed and advance so much. This is so because it has aided the speed, the access to the information and enhanced the professionalism.

Some of the emerging technological and ethical issues include Privacy, Security, copyright infringement, and increased computer crimes. (Bauer, 2017), In this paper privacy as an issue of digital technology will be discussed. Privacy can be defined as the state of being secluded from the view of others and it implies personally indefinable information. Even though information technology has enabled us to share and find relevant information on the internet, it has infringed our freedom of privacy hence disclosing private information of individuals and even institutions. The topic of privacy will be discussed in the second assignment under the following subtopics. 1. How do we establish internet that can’t be hacked? 2. Who has the authority to ensure the privacy of users is assured?   3. What regulations and measures of information are the government agencies allowed to access specific individuals? This will form the basis of the second assignment.

Emerging Technology

Personal and private lives have been accessed by the users of the internet through applications like a webcam. This is able to display people’s details, information and personal life which are not right. This has happened to many celebrities like Dharun Ravia former Rutgers University. (Reamer, 2013).  This, therefore, makes an ethic that draws the line between ensuring network security and breaching user privacy.

Another issue is that important credentials like your credit card number or bank account details on the shopping portal when doing an online shopping. There is a possibility of these details being used unethically or for fraudulent purposes. The online retailers May need to collect.

data about your online behavior and use it in user profiling. They may be having the intention to improve their business by profiling and getting a feedback on the shopping. But the users go ahead to use this information in an ethical manner to track you and harm you without your knowledge. This can also take place when carrying out banking transactions online, malicious users may obtain your information when trying to share it with the bank. This unkempt behavior can cause theft.

Government and Other Agencies have many important data about people companies and institutions. If the security of this data is compromised, it can threaten national security. If the Federal websites do not need to maintain too high standards of privacy considering that they store such large amounts of critical information. They also need to use the information responsibly and their national security will be guaranteed.

The use of social networks like Facebook, twitter email, Instagram etc. helps the user to connect with other users. This allows them to share information, photos and even like them(Glenn, 2017). This might lead your friends to share your information with other users who might be malicious and may threaten your personal security. In other social media platforms like in forums, chat rooms, communities, and blogs, you can voice your opinions on any and everything. You are entitled to your opinions, but while voicing them, are you as responsible as you would be, you could be influencing others of different ages and backgrounds.

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