I acquired an interest in landscape architecture from prior studies and experiences as a student. I desired to expand my knowledge in how a built environment impacts our lives.

At this tender age I would look at the environment and focus especially on how it created positive and negative results, it was quite intriguing how they could be changed. In order to get myself to study landscape architecture, I focused on environmental design which accorded me the opportunity to assess the planning trends that led to some of the outstanding results. I took architecture as a minor area. This accorded me the chance to focus on it as a foundation for an actual environmental design and allow me to acquire a balance between arts and design. I started to develop my interest in building using waste materials like paper.

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My interests developed and I began to take part in social activities related architecture, for instance I joined clubs that relate to architecture and design. This allowed me to engage closely with other like-minded people. My skills and experiences grew immensely. I also worked with the local community in several ways like designing a community garden and pathways among others. It is as it these projects that I was able to put to practice my skills. However, I felt that there is more to the area that I have not explored. This advanced my interest further in landscape architecture as an area I would like to explore.

I look to pursue a degree in Landscape engineering to enhance my skills and interests in art and design. It I look to use my skills in the future to the benefit of community. I look to using my skills to develop better playgrounds, parks and public facilities that are easily accessible and benefit both the young and old.

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